Fire / Chemical & Gas Protection



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TST Escape Hoods can be the difference between life and death in the event of gas leaks or chemical emissions. They are very efficient and easy to put on. No adjustments are required and there is no need for practice or education. Our escape hoods cover the whole head and protects face, ears and hair from chemicals and particles. They work with glasses and are a better choice than full face mask for users with beard.


TST Smart Hose

TST Smart Hose is a world patented mobile sprinkler system for combating fire and limiting heavy condensed gases.

One 20 meters hose creates a 300 m2/ 2.500 ft2 barrier of water, up to 15 m/ 50 ft high, and you can connect several hoses if needed.

The Smart Hose is excellent for shielding off fires or gas clouds where you can’t or don’t want to have humans present and to ease the firefighter’s workload.


TST Cooling Vests

When working in warm environments, and maybe with coveralls or hazmat suits, your body needs to be cooled down.

TST Cooling Vest helps industry workers, firefighters, policemen and athletes perform at their best for a longer period and in a more comfortable way.

TST Sweden Cooling vests were used by rescue workers after the Hurricane Katrina and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. They also help people with neurological diseases to feel more comfortable during warm days.

The technology is unique and based on special TEMPTECH energy elements that absorb heat from the body and provides an effective, but comfortable, cooling of the body. The elements recharge without external energy, and without strange chemical reactions.


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