Eminent Distributor of Industrial Technologies

We are principal authorized distributors in India for M/s Aqua-Dyne USA ( High Pressure Water Jet Pumps and Accessories ) and M/s TST of Sweden ( Unique Protection Equipment )

Water Blasting Solutions

Aqua-Dyne of USA is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure water jetting systems, pumps and accessories. We supply high-pressure water blasting equipment from 1000 psi to 40,000 psi for surface preparation, industrial cleaning, hydro-static testing, water blasting and hydro-demolition.

Aqua-Dyne has over 37 years designing, building and using High Pressure Water jetting and water blasting for surface preparation and industrial cleaning applications.

TST, Sweden
Unique Protection Equipment

TST of Sweden is an industry leader in the manufacturer of Unique Protection Equipment for the Waterjet industry. The company specializes in

  • Waterjet safety suits ( Upto 3000 Bar )
  • Pro-Operator ( Upto 500 bar rotary jet protection )
  • TST Cooling Vests
  • Radiant Heat protection
  • Chemical protection