RHD (Rotating Hose Device)

Aqua-Dyne’s R.H.D. System is a revolutionary, internal pipe cleaning system with specially designed cleaning nozzles.


The hose is rotated as it passes through the pipe while the cleaning nozzle remains forced against the pipe wall to improve cleaning compared to other pipe cleaning techniques—tough enough to clean solidly blocked or scaled tubes.

PIPE CLEANING AFTERClogged Pipe before & after cleaning with Water Jetting Rotary Hose Device


♦ Removal of many tough, hard or brittle deposits from the inside of tubular products with comparatively high cleaning rates.

♦ Cleaning of tubular products that are solidly plugged with a wide variety of deposits.

♦ Removal of many products from concrete, PVC, steel and any other pipe materials with minimal damage to the pipe.

♦ Cleaning of heat exchanger tubes in areas with limited access.


PIPE CLEANING BEFOREFeatures & Benefits:

  • Working Pressures – up to 40,000psi
  • Maximum range- 200 gpm up to 12,000 psi; available in 8 gpm @ 40,000 psi.
  • Single best accepted pipe cleaning tool for contractors
  • Cleaning operation is automatic and thereby reduces the cleaning time compared to most manual techniques
  • Device can negotiate bends in piping systems up to 1,500 feet in length
  • Rotational speed, rotational direction, pressure and flow are all remotely and independently controllable.
  • Lightweight portable system
  • Deadman valve for safety shutoff


  • Cleaning operation is automatic and thereby reduces the cleaning time compared to most manual cleaning techniques.
  • Since forward speed and rotational speeds are independently set, the size of particles removed can be controlled more easily as compared to other cleaning techniques.
  • Due to the fact that the operator is not in close proximity to the water jet, the system is safer than most manual high pressure water cleaning techniques.
  • Being hydraulically powered it can be used in certain explosive type environments where many engine powered machines could not safely operate.
  • The rotary action of the R.H.D. can greatly reduce the amount of streaking as compared to the more traditional manual line mole cleaning techniques.RHD1