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Industrial Pump Systems


Aqua-Dyne of USA is now a part of SHAPE TECHNOLOGIES USA which houses group companies like ADVANCED PRESSURE SYSTEMS and FLOW.

A leading manufacturer of high-pressure water jetting systems, pumps and accessories, Aqua-Dyne USA supplies pumps and systems which can energize water up-to 40000 psi ( 2750 bar ). Industrial Water-blast pumps up-to 550 HP with High Flow’s ( GPM / LPM are available for use in applications like Surface Preparation & Industrial Cleaning Applications.

Aqua-Dyne USA products are known for their excellent engineering and reliability and are at the forefront of delivering Reliable and High value Products to their customers around the world for more than 45 years now. Our company is fully equipped with stocks of critical spares and can render the full scope of maintenance for Aqua-Dyne USA pumps at your work site or at our workshop in Navi Mumbai, India. Specialist Testing, Demonstration and Training facilities available as well.

TST, Sweden
Unique Protection Equipment


TST of Sweden is an industry leader in the manufacturer of Unique Protection Equipment in different industrial applications including Water-jet Safety / Chemical protection & Heat Protection
Comfort, Safety and Function are the 3 guiding principles of TST SWEDEN which lead to their motto of SAVING LIVES.

The company specializes in the following :-

  • Water-jet Protection ( up-to 3000 bar )
  • Pro-Operator ( up-to 500 bar including Hydraulic Fluid Protection )
  • Workplace Safety Solutions
  • Heat protection
  • Cooling Vests
  • Escape Hoods
  • Smart Hose

Our company Stocks and Distributes TST SWEDEN products at our Navi Mumbai facility to satisfy customer requirements as promptly as possible.

Innovations that Stick


VERTIDRIVE of Holland specializes in Magnetic Crawler Solutions for Cleaning, Steel Surface Preparation and more.
VertiDrive is the world leading innovative company for magnetic robot crawlers with applications as hydro blasting (hydro-blasting, water jetting, UHP blasting), abrasive blasting (wet/dry) and more. Vertidrive robots adhere to steel by a magnetic drive assembly and can move independently in all directions: up, down, sideways and even overhead.

This enables you to perform a variety of jobs while staying safely on the ground. Typical applications include in Shipyards / Dockyards / Storage tanks and Structures or any large steel surfaces that need surface preparation in quick time.

Our company and VERTIDRIVE believe in adding value to our customers by adding to Productivity and Safety. This will enhance our relevance to our customers. Our company will be able to prospect, sell and provide full after sales service including Training ( as needed ) so we offer SOLUTIONS to critical areas for customers in Surface Preparation.