High Pressure Pumps



Hughes Pumps of UK manufactures at their plant in West Sussex, UK a variety of high pressure reciprocating pumps mainly used in water-blasting applications covering a wide range of possible applications and usage upto 2800 bar / 40,600 psi.

Since 1970 Hughes Pumps are

The smallest pump HPS 400 is capable of absorbing a good 40 HP of power and makes for an excellent compact unit which can be kitted out with modern accessories to make it a capable asset for the user.

HPS 2200 and HPS 3000 find diverse applications in the Process industry with their configurability, reliability and easy maintenance. These HPS pumps offer conversion kits to convert your pump into from 700 bar to 1400 bar and upwards to 2800 bar ( depending on the model selected ) giving the user great flexibility.

The Hughes Ultrabar 30 is a versatile unit capable of delivering 40000 psi @ 30 LPM and a very useful 45 LPM @ 29000 psi making it an excellent unit for Surface Preparation applications with either single or twin gun operation. Designed from ground up for UHP Water blast applications it can, as needed, work from as low as a 1000 bar ( 14500 psi ) / 1400 bar ( 20000 psi ) to as high as 2800 bar ( 40600 psi ) ( with conversion kits ). The Ultrabar 30 is capable of working with a 160 KW electric motor or diesel engine

This versatility renders the Hughes Ultrabar 30 useful for a variety of applications from cleaning heat exchanger tubes choked with polymer to surface preparation and small / medium size pipe cleaning as well.

Imagine the Ultrabar 30 with a user or contractor who has a variety of tasks to perform but wants to rely on 1 type of unit.

The Ultrabar 10 might be baby sized and light weight but can deliver a strong 38000 psi with a 60 HP motor making it well suited for surface preparation jobs which require a degree of portability and compactness. It is Perfect for surface preparation/area blasting with a single UHP Rotary Gun.

Imagine the Ultrabar 10 on a Rig or at a job site where high performance is needed but space is a constraint.

The largest pump HPS 5000 is a 5 plunger unit capable of absorbing 500 HP of power and can deliver high pressures at high flows and is customizable with a variety of conversion kits to suit the pressure and flow requirements.

Offshore compliant / ATEX / ZONE 1 / ZONE 2 pumps are available as well in fully built configuration with your choice of Diesel engine or Electric motor.

Bare shaft pumps are available to suit local conditions and for local assembly in the region.

The pumps are supported by a bouquet of accessories including for automation of tube cleaning / surface preparation / tanks and vessel cleaning / polymer removal and many more.

Depending on the application, the automation package can be suggested and customized for the user.

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