WATERJET PROTECTION ( upto 3000 bar )



TST Sweden manufactures a world-class range of Water-jet protection Products and accessories consisting of 3 broad categories

Water-jet Protection ( up-to 3000 bar )

Made of DYNEEMA, which is 15 times lighter and Stronger than Steel, TST Sweden is able to provide lightweight, Comfortable water-jet protection products to protect the wearer from accidental water-jet swipes while handling Water-jet pressures as high as 3000 bar / 43500 bar as per CE Test.

What’s more – to reduce fatigue and discomfort whilst working in Hot environments or in confined spaces – TST Sweden can provide the VENTILATION facility which enables external compressed air to be pumped inside the protective suit thus giving great comfort and relief to the wearer.
Comfort translates to better concentration and higher productivity on the job.

Pro-Operator ( up-to 500 bar including Hydraulic Fluid Protection )


Lightweight protective suits for up-to 500 bar of Rotor jet protection as per CE Test.
Very useful in situations that use smaller water-jet pumps but protection is a must.
The Pro-Operator suits are available in various models and are tested for Hydraulic Fluid Penetration as well.

Available in High Visibility Color Option


Workplace Safety Solutions

The Workplace Safety Solutions products are developed for when you need to protect sensitive equipment, machinery, or people from water, water jetting, gravel spray, and ricochets!
They have an extremely strong outer protective fabric called TECHSTEEL™.
All products withstand up to 3000 bar/43500 psi, 43 l/min, at stand-off distance 1,5 m / 5 ft. 1100 bar/16000 psi, 100 l/min, at stand-off distance 2,3 m / 7.5 ft.

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